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Tips for Impactful Corporate Gifting


Client and employee satisfaction is the top priority of any successful company. If the client and employee are content and engaged, they will remain loyal. Corporate gifting is an effective way of reaching such outcomes and yielding valuable results for your business.

Corporate gifting shows your appreciation for a vendor’s, client’s, or employee’s contribution to the growth and success of your business.

Follow the tips below to ensure your corporate gifts are meaningful and impactful to the recipient.

Plan Ahead

Gift sourcing takes time, and if it’s not thoughtful or well-planned, your recipient will be able to tell. The most effective way to execute a successful gifting strategy is to plan.

To send gifts effectively, you should first have a clear outline of the types of gifts, the recipients, and the timeframe for sending them. Planning is the basis for the execution of a successful gifting strategy.

While planning, remember to collect recipient details and to consider the possibility of shortages during the holidays.

Set a Budget

Before you begin to brainstorm or research ideas, have a budget in place. Be sure to include branding and delivery charges in your budget. Budgeting for gifting programs helps you avoid getting carried away.

While expensive gifts may be a delight for your recipient, they will significantly impact your company’s finances if they exceed your budget. Knowing how much you can spend on gifts allows you to be generous within a realistic budget.

As soon as you have the budget details, you can distribute the funds to see if you can meet your plan. Additionally, you can use the budget to compare prices from different suppliers and find a good deal.

Opt for Personalized Gifts

The purpose of the gift should be to provoke a response from the recipient. Giving generic gifts may have the opposite effect, and the recipients may feel you haven’t put much thought or effort into the gift.

You can make your corporate gifts unique and less general. You can choose to upload a photo, image, name, or logo that you can either print or engrave on the gift. You can even add a small note of appreciation to your gift, which could make a huge difference to the recipient.

Employees and clients will feel recognized and appreciated with such personalized gifts. As a result, the recipients will feel motivated to continue their good work and collaboration.

Gift Unexpectedly

Companies usually give gifts to clients and employees at predictable times, such as on Christmas or the New Year. The recipient will surely appreciate the gesture – however, giving gifts to someone who is likely to receive several other gifts at the same time can leave your items under a pile.

If you want your corporate gifts to have a bigger impact, don’t just give them out on holidays or special occasions. Instead, add a surprise element to your gift-giving.

Birthdays, work anniversaries, professional milestones, and when the recipient completes an important project are all ideal occasions to give corporate gifts.

Choose a Practical Gift

Companies tend to stick to gifts like pens and other flashy gifts that create initial excitement. Practical gifts, on the other hand, the recipient is likely to use and remember for a long time.

Give long-lasting and useful gifts to your clients and employees so they can use them at work and home. In addition to rewarding your recipients with enduring gifts, you will breed loyalty within the company and retain employees.

Your chosen gifts should also align with your company’s core values and primary goals.

Corporate gifting is the perfect way to complement your business strategy if you haven’t already done so. Following the above tips can help you celebrate customer accomplishments, boost relationships, and improve employee and customer relationships.

If you want more information on corporate gifting, feel free to contact us at The Gift Architect today.

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