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From baby showers to retirement, milestone gifts are a celebration of life's blockbuster moments. At TGA, we believe that milestone gifts should be as unique and spectacular  as the moments we design them to celebrate.  Our singular goal is the creation of head-turning gifts that are evocative and certain to delight. We do more than just put products in a box. Meticulous curation results in gifts that, are unrivaled in quality, perfectly match the event or occasion, and are brimming with sentiment. 

Gifts as unforgettable as the milestones they mark

Milestone Gifting

At TGA we know that planning a wedding is quite stressful. However, when you make the savvy decision to outsource your wedding gifting with us, you can focus on other things confident that your gifts will be the perfect compliment on your special day. 

The journey to happily ever after begins with another round of proposals. It continues to be en vogue to propose to the dear friends who will stand by you on your big day. These packages will likely be some of the most poignant and sentimental gifts you will give. Therefore, choosing to rely on a gifting expert — like TGA — should give you peace of mind that they will make this proposal just as magical as yours. 

A beautifully crafted gift, available at check-in, is a thoughtful way to introduce your guests to the weekend's festivities. With a TGA designed gift, you can roll out a 5-star welcome for your out-of-town guests or destination wedding attendees.  

 Personalized perfection for your big day 

Wedding Gifting 

  • Semi-Custom: Draw inspiration from our Milestone Gifting Catalog and then add sweet personalized touches to make sure your love story and personality shine through. This option is ideal for local weddings, when you want to show appreciation for the out-of-town guests who travelled to showed up for you.
  • Bespoke: Every component of your welcome gift is unique and tailored to your tastes and preferences. Perfect for a destination wedding or when fully custom is a non-negotiable. 

Welcome your, out of town/destination wedding, guests in style.

Wedding Welcome Gifts

  • Semi-Custom: Draw inspiration from our Milestone Gifting Catalog while you add sweet and sentimental touches sure to make your besties glad they wore waterproof mascara. Don’t worry, we’ve got the fellas covered too.
  • Bespoke: Because no friendship group is the same, let TGA design proposal gifts that suit everyone's personality. 

A trend with staying power, looks like there will be more than one proposal associated with these nuptials. 

Bridal Party Ask/Appreciation Gifts

Enjoy a 10% discount when you leave all of your wedding gifting needs in our capable hands. Wedding planning is stressful enough, TGA’s got your gifting covered.

Bundle & Save

Our relationships— personal and professional— anchor and renew us. Let’s design your perfect gift today.

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