High-end gifting, stunning results.

The way you give says a lot about you. Trust the experts at The Gift Architect, TGA, to make gifting high-end and hassle-free. A bespoke, luxury gift service, TGA has one mission. That is, to honor and validate the relationships essential to your professional and personal success.  

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The Gift Architect — your gift concierge.

The Gift Architect (founded in 2020) is a woman-owned, family-run, bespoke, luxury gift service. Gifting with us is designed to be evocative and a way to nurture and maintain vital relationships — personal and professional. Every TGA gift is the product of a keen attention to detail coupled with refined procurement skills. Utilizing a high-touch, iterative approach, we take the time to understand your unique gifting needs, before providing a solution that exceeds expectation. 

Gift with Purpose

We complete the assembly of your gifts and ship them out on time.

Production & Shipment

Once you are satisfied with the design, you sign the contract and submit payment. Then, we procure everything needed for your project. 

Payment & Procurement

A deposit secures your spot. Next, we develop a proposal with two options, which we deliver within a week.

Deposit & Design

Following the initial call, we ask you to fill out our comprehensive design questionnaire. This allows us to tailor make your gifts.


The process starts with a consultation, during which we gather basic project details, and determine if we would work well together. 


The Process

Kris St. Louis, Founder

"Relationships are fluid and dynamic components of both our personal and professional lives. For them to flourish and thrive they need regular upkeep. A well designed and delivered gift accomplishes that."

Our relationships— personal and professional— anchor and renew us. Let’s design your perfect gift.

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