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As vaccines continue to roll out, we all look forward to resuming our normal routines. While working from home will continue for some, for others a return to normalcy includes physically heading back to our places of employment. This return provides employers with a unique gifting opportunity. Here are some products that can ease the transition back to our traditional work spaces.

1. Reusable water bottle

For the environmentally conscious, a move away from single-use plastics is made easier by a host of water bottles. Be they glass or stainless steel, the market is saturated with a variety of options at multiple price points. Some of our favorite brands include W&P Design, Hydroflask, Miir, Que, and Corkcicle.

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2. Hand Sanitizer

Touchland is billed as a better hand sanitizer as it hydrates and does not leave your hands sticky. Unlike other formulations that are very scent-heavy, Touchland’s has a light fragrance.

3. Screen Cleansing Wipes

Given how dirty our device’s screen can become, especially our mobile phones, a product like well-kept is great to have on hand

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4. Luxury hand lotion

Between the frequent sanitizing and brutal winter weather, a lovely moisturizing hand lotion makes a great inclusion in a back-to-work gift. Brands like La Chatelaine and 54 Thrones offer just the product. 

5. Amenity Kit

The wellness amenity kit by Pinch Provisions means your employees will have the tools to maintain sound respiratory hygiene.

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