7 Wedding Welcome Gifts for Guests

Welcome gifts are a clever way to kick off the wedding festivities while thanking your guests for their support.

Here are 7 things to include. 

1. A welcome note:

A simple, heartfelt message to let your guests know you are delighted to share this special milestone with them.

Hotel water and snacks are notoriously over priced. Their inclusion is always appreciated.

3. Amenity kit:

A really thoughtful inclusion, showing your guests their comfort is important.

4. Recommendation of things to do nearby:

For guests who want to explore local sites when not participating in wedding festivities, this is a nice resource.

5. Showcase local food & drink:

 This is a yummy way to spotlight the area.

6. Itinerary

While your wedding website will have this information, a printed itinerary is a nice inclusion, especially for your guests that are less tech savvy. Additionally, it makes a lovely keepsake.

7. A hangover kit

If serving alcohol on the big day, your guests will thank you in the morning!

Happy Gifting,

xo Kris