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My Grateful Heart

My favorite person in the world is my maternal grandmother. She made living a life of faith, grace, and gratitude so effortless. But I know she did the quiet yet at times incredibly challenging work. She had a gratitude practice before it was fashionable and in the zeitgeist. I wanted to curate a collection of products that would support and guide you in your own gratitude practice. My Grateful Heart is a very special gift, that I know will find a home with someone amazing.

This Gift Includes:

  • No Six Depot Lemon Ginger Tea
  • Rishi Loose Leaf Tea Filter
  • Pure Sol Perk Up Eye Mask
  • Lapcos Vita C Sheet Mask
  • Bee Seasonal Honey
  • Amber Poketo Mug in wrapping paper designed by Skybluepink Studio
  • Makabi & Sons Capri Lemon Poppy Cookies
  • Nest Habit Gratitude Sidekick Journal
  • Sweet Water Decor Warm & Cozy Candle


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